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Don't judge me till you know me, don't underestimate me till you challenge me, & don't talk about me until you talk to me.

"Biar pun mereka menjauh diri.
Aku masih punya Tuhan yang sentiasa dekat dengan ku. Yang selalu di sisiku. Yang selalu memahamiku.."


Most Popular Photo Last Year - meryl

Lomography Film of the Day - Fuji Sensia 
"Bila kamu tak tahan lelahnya belajar, maka kamu akan menanggung peritnya kebodohan."

Sonaone - No moreeee..

No moreeeee……


Lomography Home of the Day - jokelangens
Sometimes an interest for politics and art just won’t mix. But this femme from Belgium seems to work it out so well. To dreamy Lomographs and portraits of fun, take a visit today!
It never started. | via Tumblr on We Heart It. https://weheartit.com/entry/76126880/via/Hidayat_Redesta

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Magazine Series Comeback: Doubles With You
It’s always nice to see an old friend back especially when that one’s really special and undoubtedly fun. Just like this magazine series we had before aptly called Doubles With You!
There’s nothing more exciting than organizing a doubles (or even triples) project with our Lomographic buddies. A collaboration of various minds having the common love for film photography, bridging countries and crossing seas by snapping random scenes into one roll of film. Amazing, right? And we definitely love that idea!